The "Kid’s News Magazine" course introduces itself

Fotos: DZ

Hi, We are the kid’s news magazine. We are students of the class 8e.

In this wp class (Wahlpflichtkurs) we learn to use the pc`s audio cutting programs, video cutting programs and how to edit photos. For our work, we use up to date media technology like audio recorders, cameras, microphones, and computers. We also learn how to use editing software like audacity (audio), Vegas (video) and GIMP (photos).

We meet once a week in the computer room. The course is 80 minutes long.

This class is a wp class for the immersive classes starting in grade 7. As a student, you can improve your English grade in this class.

Oh, yes, this course is held in English.

We as 8e would recommend this course for everyone who has fun working on the computer.

8e & DZ